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When performing contracts, Replica Louis Vuitton Belt the starting point and the ending point should be clear. If the station is changed midway, it is a performance change. Such changes may affect the rights and interests of third parties and will result in Loss, Louis Vuitton Belt Fake so compensation is legally possible.

At the same time, the Cheap Louis Vuitton Belt railway company is also a breach of contract for passengers who cannot take the train on the ticket. In addition to the full refund, they should also pay a certain percentage of liquidated damages. Since passenger refunds are subject to a refund fee, the railway company will withdraw the ticket on its own initiative Louis Vuitton Belt and of course pay a certain withdrawal fee.

Fake Louis Vuitton Belt Railway Corporation officially responded to the phenomenon of “buy short rides and long rides”. The railway department will decide whether to apply for the cross-site ticket replacement according to the passenger flow situation. If the passengers do not make the ticket to force the station, the railway department will arrive at the station. Louis Vuitton Belt Outlet Online Tickets that have been charged 50% of the fare will be added. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Railway Bureau stated that according to the relevant regulations of the “Regulations on Railway Passenger Transport”, the “buy short-term long-term” from the short-term ticket termination station to the actual lower-stop station should be regarded as no ticket, and the fare is replenished according to regulations. In addition, Louis Vuitton Belt uk a ticket of 50% of the fare should be added.