Saturday, June 30, 2018

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The boyfriend decided to marry you after 4 years of talking. It's not like you love to die. He often visits children and shows that he does not hate his ex-wife and maintains friendly relations. You are caught in the middle and there is a lot of tolerance that you know. Until 2 years later, you found a breakthrough, using his father's love to win over the relationship with your children. When single play with children alone, try to perform your motherly love. The smart child sees you well-intentioned. With your help, you will get a vote for your marriage in front of an adult relative, so that your marriage has a look and you are also very grateful to the child.

However, the child's mother sees you through your mind and is extremely upset when you use her child as a prop, please her ex-husband, or even the relationship between mother and child. The single mother who is separated from her mother has greater pressure and will hope that her ex-husband will continue to look after the family. The ex-husband did a good job at first, but then he got involved in it. There is a problem. The child is the product of his last marriage. The ex-wife can accept the relationship between the relatives brought by this marriage, including the aunt and uncle of the child's grandparents. The ex-husband's new girlfriend is not listed here. In particular, when the custody of the child is hers, the ex-husband can retain the right to visit without crossing the border. Let the child be close to you and let relatives witness this, louis vuitton white belt silver buckle in violation of the dignity of the mother.

You hide the motive, and naively ask: How did she do this? Does she deserve to be a mother? I'm sorry, you just boasted that your child is very sensible and you like it. Did such a good child live with his mother and have his mother trained it? Is it from time to time that you bring him out to play? So, without you graciously, interfere with her parent-child relationship, they will maintain healthy and good development. You stepped on other people's minefields and gesticulating. You should teach people to be mothers. This is more annoying than the shrew.

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