Monday, April 30, 2018

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Fake Louis Vuiton Belt can't earn any money, and sometimes he is cheated. He can't pursue his own life, but he also has to work as a numbness tool all day. The heart is very depressed, and he has no money to go home and can't explain. He is mad and crazy. Actually, it is not really crazy. He just doesn't want to contact the family. He is allowed to spend his days in wind and rain, and throw himself out of all responsibility. Until they become news characters, they are forced to return to their rural homes. The man you confess to is also someone who wants to get out of his or her hometown and get rid of his native identity. His heart may have long wanted to cut off the contact with rural families, but he did not have higher education, no better way out, can only be pushed forward by inertia. In the first marriage, like most rural men, after upgrading his father, he was pressured to support his family and rely on the ground to produce little income. He then went out to work. Working out of the rural environment is full of possibilities.

Fake Louis Vuiton Belt tried free love, and the object of the introduction of the countryside, was ordered to marry different, this time is autonomous and emotional. To this end, he went to the old marriage and married the new one. However, he does not have the ability to settle in the city. After remarriage, he can only place his wife and children in the countryside and go out to work again. At this time, he felt that there was no difference between the second paragraph and the first paragraph of marriage, fake louis vuitton belt and he also added two children. He hated all of this, and a well-matched woman, young and sentimental, would eventually become burdened.

He did not want to repeat the fate of his ancestors, and he did not want to use labor tools. The appearance of a rich woman made him seem to have won the lottery. A life completely different from the past, just serving a good woman, you can live in a villa, get in and out of a luxury car, eat and drink and have a big meal, well-dressed, and the body is not diligent. As long as no one bothered, he was the upper class gentleman