Friday, December 8, 2017

Best Replica Mcm Belt Wholesale To UK 2018

Taking huaxi hospital as an example, it is impossible to solve the problem through the way of internal complaint. We can be found in more than one place, before the west Mcm Bag hospital had rejected things happen, replica mcm belt and zhi-lin liao as a propaganda minister of west Mcm Bag hospital, in their own certification microblog said others can have fear of Mcm Backpack, so he didn't dare to guarantee the doctor to MCM Belt/Mcm Backpack without fear, indirect evidence of rejected because fear is normal. So the question is, is the biggest difference between doctors and passersby in their knowledge and mastery of medical knowledge? Liao zhilin's words offered two possible: either the doctor's medical knowledge level of huaxi hospital, or the doctor's qualification, or someone knowingly and knowingly refused to make a diagnosis. And zhi-lin liao statement also shows two of his guess: either the one who is, won't speak, don't deserve to do propaganda work, or this person, fake mcm backpack willing to prosecute, pointed out the good and evil people mixed up in the west Mcm Bag hospital doctor.

Say through the internal appeal way to solve the problem very difficult reason, probably the following three points: 1. The scale of the west Mcm Bag hospital is very big, level of first-class hospital, affiliated with the national health development planning commission, the large scale hierarchy trival, appeal way of twists and turns, and on the other hand, either from the perspective of specific head or top leaders, who all don't want such a big a ship for this things go wrong, so they take the way is blocked, and directly affiliated to the national development planning commission that it's very hard, very background, so they are blocking attitude will be very tough, this on weibo zhi-lin liao says a lot about, he cursed netizens should let civilized gesture - it's hard to imagine that huaxi hospital propaganda work at ordinary times; 2. West Mcm Bag hospital is a comprehensive hospital, the focus of its work is not in the field of MCM Belt/Mcm Backpack, so it calls for people infected with MCM Belt and not much weight, they can be infected with all sorts of reason to get to another hospital, but further think this is one of the many benefits of the general hospital, want to accept patients accept patients, don't want to accept the patient can have reason to refuse, few focus on comprehensive down anyway, may be refused to huaxi hospital patients not only class of people infected with MCM Belt; 3. The west Mcm Bag hospital refused to have a few times, people infected with MCM Belt in front of the history of success may increase their next rejected may, solidify their attitude to people, even when behavior becomes a habit, system and he died.

Some people have proposed to solve the huaxi hospital's misdiagnosis by means of external appeal. Still just the question: huaxi hospital is directly under the national health and family planning commission, and wants to appeal through the official channels, to climb very high. The relationship itself can easily breed the corruption and official attitude of big enterprises and institutions. Of course, I don't know what huaxi hospital is like. The internal complaint is from the bottom up, the external appeal is from the top down, it is difficult to get from above to huaxi hospital,unless you can find uncle peng.

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