Thursday, November 30, 2017

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After the anti-rightist movement in 1957, a large number of intellectuals were sent to the countryside to receive the education of peasants who were poor, and a significant number of them became the backbone of the local education. With the careful attention of these senior intellectuals, a group of aspiring young people actually accepted the high level of education. Therefore, once the college entrance examination is restored, these people stand out immediately and become a pillar of the nation-building in the era of reform and opening up. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the proportion of rural students in universities was high, largely due to the contributions of these intellectuals. However, as the end of the cultural revolution and implement policies on intellectuals, and these are experienced teachers each shipment back to the cities, he (she) who taught his disciples were was admitted to the university, fake hermes belt no longer work in the teacher after graduation. As a result, the level of teachers in rural areas has actually declined compared with the middle and late last century.

A more immediate impact is the economic income gap between social groups since the 1990s. Small salaries are not enough to attract good talent to the education business, even those who prefer to teach have given up on the idea of being a teacher because of low income. In the face of such situation, the government began to intensify support for the normal universities, through free normal project, provides teachers with a series of policy measures, to guarantee the basic number of teachers. However, hermes belt replica in the situation where teachers' income is generally low, the teachers' group is artificially cured through administrative means, which further hinders the entry of high-quality talents into the ranks of teachers. Thus formed a vicious circle - the more the government to provide policy to take care of normal colleges, the society will form a discriminatory understanding of normal universities, the more students don't want to enter oneself for an examination the colleges and universities, the government must further strengthen the policy support.

What kind of person can become a teacher? Not all graduates of normal universities are suitable for teachers, and not only graduates from normal colleges and universities can become teachers. In my opinion, the theory of pedagogy is important, but it does not mean that the theory of pedagogy means that it can teach good books and be a good teacher. Of all the factors that may affect a teacher's excellence, loving children should be a priority. If a person doesn't like children, it's annoying to see the child, how can he (she) put all her energy into the child? It is likely that the child will also become a punching bag and an outlet for him or her. Only teach the person would like to love her children, only enjoy teaching, will try to thinking about how to make children like learning all day long, and grow to help him (her), and to experience as a teacher of success and happiness.

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