Monday, November 13, 2017

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To be able to identify and make judgments, you must first understand what these values are and what they are based on. For these problems, professional education is either unavailable or difficult to provide, relying on knowledge of education. For most professionals, what is is often more important than what should be, although the latter is equally important in many professional fields. Professors and students, for example, in the field of physics, more concerned about the problem is that the atom is what, but should make a nuclear weapon, and when to use nuclear weapons such as secondary problems are often placed in a position, cheap louis vuiton belts while the latter effect more for human society.

Another crucial question is, what is the purpose of identifying values and making judgments? In general, the answer is to help students form the right values. But what are right values? Some values are right or wrong, such as not killing, stealing and raping, etc. But some values are not necessarily so clear-cut. In fact, the values always exist in the concrete society, and the correct or not always reflect the mainstream cognition and understanding of the people in this society.

of America's best universities in the system of a curriculum to teach students about the core of civilization, not only for students to understand the similarities and differences between various kinds of civilization of human society, the most fundamental purpose is to, by osmosis education, through the comparison of different civilizations and values, establish students' belief in the right western values. In that sense, louis vuitton belt cheap general knowledge of education has been a function of religion.

The real thing about education is that, first of all, it makes no secret of its own education goal. Some people think that American universities hide the values of education in the everyday education teaching process to deceive students, which is either stupid or naive. It's not hidden at all; Second, it allows students to read, think and compare. The top universities usually require students to read das kapital and recruit the most authoritative marxist left scholars to organize teaching and discussion; In the end, it does not impose any conclusions on students, but allows students to form values that conform to American interests. This is really a real effort.

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