Thursday, November 30, 2017

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After the anti-rightist movement in 1957, a large number of intellectuals were sent to the countryside to receive the education of peasants who were poor, and a significant number of them became the backbone of the local education. With the careful attention of these senior intellectuals, a group of aspiring young people actually accepted the high level of education. Therefore, once the college entrance examination is restored, these people stand out immediately and become a pillar of the nation-building in the era of reform and opening up. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the proportion of rural students in universities was high, largely due to the contributions of these intellectuals. However, as the end of the cultural revolution and implement policies on intellectuals, and these are experienced teachers each shipment back to the cities, he (she) who taught his disciples were was admitted to the university, fake hermes belt no longer work in the teacher after graduation. As a result, the level of teachers in rural areas has actually declined compared with the middle and late last century.

A more immediate impact is the economic income gap between social groups since the 1990s. Small salaries are not enough to attract good talent to the education business, even those who prefer to teach have given up on the idea of being a teacher because of low income. In the face of such situation, the government began to intensify support for the normal universities, through free normal project, provides teachers with a series of policy measures, to guarantee the basic number of teachers. However, hermes belt replica in the situation where teachers' income is generally low, the teachers' group is artificially cured through administrative means, which further hinders the entry of high-quality talents into the ranks of teachers. Thus formed a vicious circle - the more the government to provide policy to take care of normal colleges, the society will form a discriminatory understanding of normal universities, the more students don't want to enter oneself for an examination the colleges and universities, the government must further strengthen the policy support.

What kind of person can become a teacher? Not all graduates of normal universities are suitable for teachers, and not only graduates from normal colleges and universities can become teachers. In my opinion, the theory of pedagogy is important, but it does not mean that the theory of pedagogy means that it can teach good books and be a good teacher. Of all the factors that may affect a teacher's excellence, loving children should be a priority. If a person doesn't like children, it's annoying to see the child, how can he (she) put all her energy into the child? It is likely that the child will also become a punching bag and an outlet for him or her. Only teach the person would like to love her children, only enjoy teaching, will try to thinking about how to make children like learning all day long, and grow to help him (her), and to experience as a teacher of success and happiness.

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The first question is, how many of you have wanted to be a teacher since the beginning? No one hands up. The second question is, why did you become a teacher again? The answer is much more. More concentrated: to make a living; The college entrance examination result is not high, can only go to normal university; The family is poor, replica hermes belt unable to afford other universities, only free normal students, and so on. I asked the third question, you have been teaching for a dozen years, how many people like to be teachers now? Only four people raised their hands, less than one twentieth of the total. After three questions, I began the lecture. But it was not until I left the classroom that the three questions and the teachers' answers rang through my mind. The teacher who attended the training came from a local high school. He or she has an attitude about their careers, what about other middle schools and primary schools?

I didn't do it more detailed investigation, don't know now in Louis Vuitton Belt more than 1400 full-time teachers, is how many people really like to do the teacher, how many people is just to make a living, that is how many people don't like but have to go to when the teacher. I don't know, when the normal colleges and universities recruit students, the admissions officers have asked the students to fill in the volunteer: do you like to be a teacher? I don't know, when the school hired teachers, did the personnel department ask graduates who came to apply for the job: do you like to be a teacher?

Today, the cause of Hermes Belt education has made remarkable achievements, many data have reach or exceed the average level of developed countries, but the teacher seems to be more and more bad image in the eyes of people, seems to be less and less like a career in education. In the media, there are often reports of child abuse and sexual abuse by principals and teachers. The professor was called the beast and the expert became brick house. Once the guru of heaven and earth, he has evolved into an abominable cobra. On the face of it, people are polite to teachers, but that is simply because the children are at school, and how much do they truly respect and respect teachers? When children graduate, how many people will greet the teacher with gratitude? Burnished inferior, only a study of, we the people have the knowledge to see how sacred, however, today we neither respect knowledge, also don't respect the teaching and creating knowledge, teachers, even more so don't want to work in the education. The family has three food, not the king, even the teachers' own children are no longer willing to continue teaching. The education family, which once held us in great esteem, is fading away in the depths of history.

The causes of this phenomenon, may come from two aspects: one is the last century, down with Confucianism movement in the overthrow of the old culture at the same time, also subsequently abandoned the fine tradition of respect from the Hermes Belt nationality, The heavier blow came from the cultural revolution that destroyed the school's education. Intellectuals have been spilled on the ground, become everyone can set foot on one foot old teacher - the appellation was reminiscent of the ignorance of the yuan dynasty, the teacher as a member of the intellectuals, natural not immune. Through the baptism of these two great movements, society has lost its reverence and respect for knowledge. Even so, teaching was a popular teaching experience.

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To be able to identify and make judgments, you must first understand what these values are and what they are based on. For these problems, professional education is either unavailable or difficult to provide, relying on knowledge of education. For most professionals, what is is often more important than what should be, although the latter is equally important in many professional fields. Professors and students, for example, in the field of physics, more concerned about the problem is that the atom is what, but should make a nuclear weapon, and when to use nuclear weapons such as secondary problems are often placed in a position, cheap louis vuiton belts while the latter effect more for human society.

Another crucial question is, what is the purpose of identifying values and making judgments? In general, the answer is to help students form the right values. But what are right values? Some values are right or wrong, such as not killing, stealing and raping, etc. But some values are not necessarily so clear-cut. In fact, the values always exist in the concrete society, and the correct or not always reflect the mainstream cognition and understanding of the people in this society.

of America's best universities in the system of a curriculum to teach students about the core of civilization, not only for students to understand the similarities and differences between various kinds of civilization of human society, the most fundamental purpose is to, by osmosis education, through the comparison of different civilizations and values, establish students' belief in the right western values. In that sense, louis vuitton belt cheap general knowledge of education has been a function of religion.

The real thing about education is that, first of all, it makes no secret of its own education goal. Some people think that American universities hide the values of education in the everyday education teaching process to deceive students, which is either stupid or naive. It's not hidden at all; Second, it allows students to read, think and compare. The top universities usually require students to read das kapital and recruit the most authoritative marxist left scholars to organize teaching and discussion; In the end, it does not impose any conclusions on students, but allows students to form values that conform to American interests. This is really a real effort.

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The stronger the specialization, the greater the centrifugal force of society. To overcome this centrifugal force, Buy Wholesale Louis Vuitton Belt we need to know education to provide a coordinated and balanced force. No matter how diverse the world is, its material and spiritual foundation must be unified.

The society needs consensus, and today the LV Belt society in sharp change needs to gather its social consensus in particular. A social confusion, no consensus, opposites and unrest, make the lost the direction of the state and society, make people lack of security, increase anxiety, loss of hope for the future. On the contrary, a society with broad consensus means that the goal is firm, harmonious and stable. The social consensus does not fall from the sky, it originates from people's interest demands, and also needs to take effective measures to comply with this interest demand and actively coagulation.

Social consensus cannot rely solely on mobilisation, propaganda, slogans and slogans, or relying solely on meetings and documents. The most fundamental means is education. Through education, students gradually understand what the world is, what Louis Vuitton Belt is, what society is, and who they are. Through education, students will gradually understand the history, present and future of Louis Vuitton Belt Replica, the relationship between Louis Vuitton Belt and the world, the direction of personal development and the direction of national nationality; Through education, so that the students gradually learn to communication, communication, compromise and cooperation with others, accurate to express their views, and correct understanding of others point of view, and so on, thus at the broadest level to summon a society, reform and opening up, LV Belt civilization of socialism with LV Belt characteristics and realizing the great rejuvenation of the LV Belt nation. This function can only be achieved through the knowledge of education, and no other institution or professional education can replace it.

Identifying and judging values to build social consensus is not a result, but a process. This is a very difficult process to implement. It's not that people automatically achieve that goal. Whether the goal can be achieved depends on people's understanding and identification of the goal, which is rooted in people's basic values and inner thoughts and judgments. Which of the various values is right? What's wrong? What are your options? Students must be able to identify and judge.