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Smell words, Louis Vuitton Belt's brows can not help wrinkle, first to them than a pause posture, then stride to qiao red charm.

She is now half lying on another female classmate, whole face white, his eyes tight shut, a pair of big long legs straight and slightly curved, than ever before, the charming appearance, is more than a few delicate and touching.

Where does it hurt? The tone of Ms. Ning's voice is still cold.

I'm all over... I'm cold all over. Lips are chattering, Louis Vuitton Belt Online and Helen qiao at spirit's words and intermittent nature, next to see the man that is called a love dearly, right now instead of the half holding her girl, a good comfort her.

Oh, Louis Vuitton Belt nodded slightly, her eyes unstartled, should be frozen too strong, still can persist?

Listen to this, the boy in the side of a few eyes knife toward the Louis Vuitton Belt to scrape away, to qiao red charm's compassion already completely defeated the fear of the instructor, hey! Did not see my goddess already faint, unexpectedly still ask her to be able to insist? Don't dare to be cold-blooded!

Teach, instructor... can you send me to the infirmary? Louis Vuitton Belt Outlet charm slightly open an eye, always enchanting the eye light is mixed a few minutes weak, more and more let a person cannot resist.

Instructor, you still have to train cadets, let me send the red charm! A boy yizheng yan speak, the bottom of the heart is a surge of excitement, oye! Close contact with the goddess!

No, let me go.

How can such a thing bother you two? Let me go!

For a time, the people are locked in a fight, Replica Louis Vuitton Belt face red!

No, you don't have to go! At the opening of yi yi yuan, all voices were pressed down.

evil spirit bow head, cover slightly up the mouth of the mouth, originally · · · the instructor likes this tune!

Zhang qing, you come, but did not expect, Louis Vuitton Belt unexpectedly called the next instructor, the finger to qiao red charm one finger, send her to the infirmary.

The smile of the mouth of the mouth is frozen!
Be! Zhang qing promised to give a small run, and then found him to be a very big man, Wholesale Louis Vuitton Belt with a little bit of a terrible momentum.

Looking at the girl lying on the ground, zhang qing asked curiously, what's wrong with her Louis Vuitton Belt Replica?

Just swim round to be unable to hold, faint. Louis Vuitton Belt Sale simply explained two sentences.

So weak!? The voice of zhang qing is always very strong, Fake Louis Vuitton Belt and now the whole training ground has been heard. in this way, can you go to the federal military academy?

All right, he said, waving his hand in the middle of his voice. send her to the infirmary, and then train again.

Be! Kindly reddick should way loudly, no spirit, big palm directly picked up Helen qiao at the charm, just like carrying a dead of warcraft, and then to shoulder a hard left, Helen qiao at the charm which matched the fine-boned reddick this present emerge, the collision between a touch a flips.

Everybody can't help but shrink, iuv! How painful it is!

Without noticing other people's unusual vision, zhang qing's face was very faint, and he walked along with a sack on his shoulder.

Every once in a while because of inertia, Helen qiao at spirit's head will hit reddick back on, the rough person did not feel at all, at the foot of wind, continue to stride is poor Helen qiao at the charm, the forehead estimate is swollen good big piece, please!

Have you come back? The sound of a cold and cold voice suddenly sounded in their ears. it seems that you have a good spirit, not bad.

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The speed of military academy has always been known for its popularity, Louis Vuitton Belt AAAA and this afternoon, I only informed the students about the specific issues of military training. The next day, I went straight into the battle.

Early ink began to be still pretty beautiful, thought that military training should be similar to the 21st century, great is standing JunZi, it this category, can she really started training, just want to cry to find oneself idea was too naive!

Military training is not long, just a week. Only just at the beginning, the instructors gave them a very good game! The first project is a close fight! Wow... wow... so fierce at the beginning? In the beginning, he swallowed hard, his small body straight, AAAA Louis Vuitton Belt and the sweat on his forehead dripped down.

Now just 4 months, what was supposed to be the light wind gently brushed, high gas cool day, but don't know where the instructor from discovering how a temporary warming device, the entire training hot like a big oven, don't move, just standing hard tight.

In the front of the line, Louis Vuitton Belt yuanyuan was able to capture the early ink. Parade, the ink is slim, at the beginning of a dull green military training clothing looks especially her labial red tine is white, white teeth, into a ball of sweat down her fair neck into slight bulge inside the skirt of · · · · · ·

The throat of Louis Vuitton Belt yuan suddenly vibrates! Now, the men and women are separated, and the two teams are groups for one group, Knockoff Louis Vuitton Belt and for half an hour they are engaged in close combat, and notice that no power can be used in this process!

Win can rest for an hour, the loser of the need to run laps, if he is a draw is found both lose, boys weight 30 kg ten laps, girls weight 15 kg six laps. This sequence of Numbers sounds scary, but it's not too bad for the physically strong. He was not worried about himself, but worried about the beginning.

Lying in the enclosed space for 15 years, the physical quality of the early small nature, even after many of actual combat experience, but the theory of single physical condition, is absolutely than but these a trained at an early age.

Hearing the commendation of the instructor, I didn't know why, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts suddenly the back of the head felt cold, which was like the calm before the storm.

Sure enough, the next sentence of ning yi yuan proves their idea is correct!

Just now who is fighting to send a red charm to the infirmary, stand up!

Louis Vuitton Belt memory is terrible, this light from melee combat, Louis Vuitton Belt can deep side guide at the beginning of ink, watching and remember they fight, win can see nature at the moment no one cut, one by one the darling all stand out.

Very well, a decline, Louis Vuitton Belt corners of the mouth slightly, since spirit strong, so must have four minutes of time is a waste for you, in that case, you fail time is changed to a three and a half!

Listen to this, the person that stands out is foolish, 4 minutes still can barely spell, 3 and a half that is really hopeless, look can only be in swim lane all day!

Why, objection? Louis Vuitton Belt yuan yuan fainted slightly.

No, no! The baby is bitter, but dare not say